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Welcome to Jewel Empire the Jewelry Store Where Quality Counts.
Trusted Since 2004, we are committed to delighting you with superior service and amazing prices on the finest jewelry.

Jewel Empire is a fine Jewelry Place, where you can buy wide Varieties of Fine Diamond Engagement Rings, Bridal Rings, Wedding Bands, Tungsten Band, Necklaces in Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry.
We offer Elite Varieties of Luxury Jewelry such as Diamond bracelets studded with Princess cut, Baguettes, and round Diamonds. We have beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings and Great Collection of Designer Earrings.

Whether you are looking for Fancy Fashion Jewelry or Luxury Fine Gold And Diamond Jewelry or Need a Jewelry Repair, WE are the One Stop Solution.Our goal is to offer an exceptional shopping experience to all— because we know you deserve the best.

During the past years, Our Customers have expressed their satisfaction with our Quality Merchandise and Services.

We are grateful to be trusted by millions of happy customers for over past 13 years…

Thank you for your Support and we look forward to grow our business in the years to come.






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Beth Thielden

Beth Thielden

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Tommy Ryanstone

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Keith Runner


Customer's Testimonials

Beth Hallent

Jewel Empire is the best jewelry store that I have ever known about. Excellent product quality, delicate support, super fast delivery. Most of my jewelries have been purchased here. Thanks for great work!

Beth Hallent